The future of fashion and virtual reality fashion shows | VR Fashion
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The future of fashion and virtual reality fashion shows

The future of fashion and virtual reality fashion shows

In the past decade, the fashion world has seen multiple changes. 2009 brought us the first live streamed fashion shows, and in recent years we witnessed more and more gadgets integrated into apparel items. But despite that, one thing remains intact, and that is the unique way fashion evolves each and every year.

During the past 24 months, more and more fashion shows started bringing in 360 filming into the mix, and some of them are providing VR experiences as well. In fact, during the last season, it was revealed that Dior brings in its own VR headset. Named Dior Eyes, this is a product focused specifically on bringing in front an exciting and unique look behind the scenes.

Being able to see fashion shows in VR is very impressive from a visual standpoint, but this also comes with its set of challenges, as you can imagine. VR is a hot trend in the gadget world at this time, and the fact that you can use it with roughly any headset out there does come with its set of advantages for sure. However, that doesn’t mean it’s extremely easy to do VR presentations and fashion shows.

This requires a lot of expensive equipment, dedicated cameras and a suitable technology. While the technology exists at this time, it’s far from perfect and it does need quite a bit of fine tuning until it reaches the results that you might expect from it. The main issue right now comes from the costs, because VR is quite expensive to produce and high-quality headsets that can bring an authentic, high-class VR experience are costly as well.

However, it’s safe to say that the future of fashion does focus quite a bit on VR. Fashion week shows are, at least at this point, quite hard to attend. With the integration of VR into the mix, people will be able to participate in this type of shows faster and in a much easier manner, which in the end works to your advantage. It’s important to note that many persons just want to attend these shows from miles afar via the internet, and they will be able to do that in VR.

Not only that, but fashion shows can also use VR to showcase their unique clothing lines via dedicated interactive experiences that take full advantage of VR. It’s safe to say that VR is seamlessly integrated into the future of fashion and while it’s still inaccessible for some people, it will become a standard for many fashion shows.

From drones that shoot videos in 4K at fashion shows, complete VR experiences that surround the fashion week events and 360 images or videos, it’s safe to say that all of these will be integrated in the future of fashion. Will they influence the fashion world a lot or not? It’s hard to say at this time, but one thing is certain. Fashion will evolve, and technology will become a part of it, whether we want that or not!

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